R & D Center

R & D Center

R & D technology advantages

After years of technical precipitation, Hengmei has mastered many leading technologies such as nutrition bar.

Liquid products


Domestic leading liquid vials, selected high-quality raw materials from all over the world, with great concentration of research and development for many years, with a variety of exquisite RDT products such as liquid levorotatory, liquid BCA, oral beverages, etc.

Baking products


Innovate the bakery industry, make bakery products healthy, specialize in formulas, customized equipment, special workshops, and have many low-carbon water and low-sugar bakery products such as high-protein pastries, ketogenic cookies and pastries.

Powder product field


After more than ten years of deep cultivation of powder products, on the basis of the existing diversified products, the series of oatmeal, fruit, vegetable and nut particles, probiotics, etc. have been innovatively added to increase the chewiness of the product, enrich the taste, and enhance the nutrition.

Healthy snacks


Customize healthy raw materials, ensure that the products are not added from the source, and use cold processing technology to minimize the loss of nutrients. Through the continuous adjustment of the formula and the strict control of the production environment, a truly clean label, with high protein, high fiber, and Healthy snacks with no or low sugar properties.

Weight management field


China’s meal replacement group standard has participated in the formulation of units. Over the years, it has accumulated thousands of customized scientific formulas, high-quality high-protein raw materials, and a variety of functional raw materials. It has high-protein meal replacement milkshakes, high-fiber cereal powder, and ketogenic koji Odd cakes, protein bars, high-protein granular bars, compressed candy and other products in various dosage forms.

Sports nutrition


The second company in China to obtain special dietary food production qualifications, is fully familiar with the characteristics of raw materials such as whey protein and casein, pursues the ultimate flavor, and has product formulations such as protein powder, operational nutritional powder, and energy gel.

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