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Lean management

Lean management


1. Strictly abide by laws and regulations
National laws and regulations are the foundation of the company's survival. The company's quality department always pays attention to laws and regulations, standards and related policy documents, establishes a list of laws and regulations, organizes relevant departments to conduct training and publicity in a timely manner for newly promulgated (or updated) laws, regulations or standards, and continuously updates the company's internal standard documents. Ensure compliance and legality of systems and standards.

2.Strictly control the raw and auxiliary materials entering the factory
The safety of raw materials is the guarantee of product quality. The quality department of the company conducts strict review and risk assessment on suppliers. All suppliers must obtain the corresponding qualifications required by relevant national laws and regulations, and give priority to the supply of ISO 9001 (quality management system), ISO22000 (food safety management system) or HACCP business. Qualified suppliers must provide a product inspection report that meets food safety standards issued by a third-party inspection agency. The company's R&D, quality, supply chain and other departments jointly control raw and auxiliary materials, and strictly implement the supplier management system. Sign a purchase contract with the supplier of raw and auxiliary materials to clarify the quality responsibilities they undertake, and ensure that the raw and auxiliary materials provided meet the corresponding national food safety standards, industry standards and our company's internal control standards. All purchased raw and auxiliary materials strictly abide by the requirements for requesting certificates and tickets. They are tested in batches before they are put into the warehouse, and they can be put into the warehouse for registration only after they are qualified.

3. Strictly control the quality and safety of the production process
Production process control is the key to product quality. The company designs clean workshops according to GMP requirements and is equipped with advanced fully automatic production lines. The company has established a food safety team to conduct a comprehensive hazard analysis and assessment of the product production process to determine critical control points, establish critical limits, determine control measures, corrective measures and verify them. The production process strictly implements the product's first inspection and inspection system. Standard operating procedures are formulated for all production links, and on-site employees strictly follow the standard operating procedures to standardize their operating behaviors and prevent deviations.

4. Strict management of the environment and personnel hygiene
Environmental and personnel hygiene management is the basis of quality assurance. The company regularly monitors the environment of the factory's production workshop to ensure that the environment and cleanliness of the workshop meet the requirements of "Good Manufacturing Practices for Health Food" and "Design Code for Clean Plants in the Pharmaceutical Industry". The company adopts a health management system. All personnel undergo a physical examination at least once a year. Once any (suspected) infectious diseases and diseases that hinder food safety are found, they will be immediately transferred from the production workshop. All personnel enter the workshop for five hand washing and disinfection, and standardize the wearing of work clothes, work caps, masks, gloves, etc., to prevent personnel from contaminating the products.

5.strictly control the factory
Factory inspection is the guarantee of product quality. The company is equipped with professional testing equipment and testing personnel, which can inspect and monitor indicators such as moisture, protein, fat, acid value, peroxide value, total sugar, total number of colonies, coliforms, mold, and yeast. Do not leave the factory to ensure the quality and safety of the products shipped.

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